Summer – It’s Not Over Yet!

I know the calendar says September 21 is the last day of summer. But don’t you believe it! Here at the shore, we know different.

Sunday brought temperatures in the high 70s, awesome warm-weather events, and a crowd that’s in the know about how to spend a perfect October weekend.

On the Boardwalk, it was Super Sunday at Morey’s Mariners Landing Pier. For my daughter, Katie and my niece, Olive, it was the last chance to ride some of their favorite amusement rides. There were specials on Boardwalk treats and two-for-one prizes at the games booths.

Olive and Aunt Jo pick out prizes to share with Katie.

For Katie, whose mother is a tremendous grouch about such things (No More Stuffed Animals, Please!), it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play some of those games.

I allowed it mostly to alleviate my guilt about dragging her to the Garden State Wine Festival just a few miles away. Luckily, Olive and Aunt Jo and Uncle Joe were there for company and entertainment.

Joanne and I first attended this festival last year, when I was wheelchair-bound and recovering from a bad car accident. So needless to say, this year was much better than last year from my perspective.

We arrived at the festival grounds on the grassy, bay-side lawn of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry at about 2:30 p.m. For $20, the grown-ups got a bracelet and a wine glass for tasting wines from all over the state. There was a band, good food and a nice view of the ferries coming and going. Plus, there were several kids activities, which allowed wine-loving parents, to enjoy a nearly guilt-free afternoon.

Katie makes sand art in a bottle.

We tasted a few reds and whites, and some other crazy stuff, as well. Jersey Girl Wine from Wagonhouse Winery‘s Three Boy’s label gets our Weird Wine Award. It really does taste like a creamsicle…just like they say…but is that really a good thing? Some folks loved it, however we enjoyed their traditional wines much more.

We eventually settled down for a picnic with a bottle of Sole, a white blend from Auburn Road Winery in Swedesboro.

I also bought a couple bottles of wine from Chestnut Run Vineyards, a winery that produces a nice Asian Pear Wine, made only with Asian Pears. Their motto: “No grapes were injured in the making of this wine.” It’s surprisingly good.

The day went way too fast. But summer days are like that…even in October.

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  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Totally jealous to have missed it!..not that watching my 8 yr. old son at a skating party wasn’t an absolute blast! It’s on my calendar for next year.

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