Think Pink – For Breast Cancer Research

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure kicked off early this morning in Philadelphia. Over the next three days hundreds of participants will be walking 60 miles to raise money to fight breast cancer. I wish I was walking with them. As time goes by, I am struck by how many people who I know and love are affected by this disease.

Team "Walk Now, Wine Later" at 3-Day Camp 2007

My friend and Korri and I did the walk together in 2007, and it was a humbling and moving experience to learn about how so many courageous women and their families have battled the disease and continue to battle it for future generations.

I wrote about the experience for the Cape May County Herald at the time. Here’s a bit of what I said….

I picture the children in pink shirts, who stood in the heat in front of their houses holding up signs of encouragement. I remember the cool exhilaration of the sprinklers local fireman set up for our comfort. I recall the strangers who offered cakes and pizza, soft pretzels and drinks, hugs and perfectly-timed popsicles. Like children on a playground, we became friends for a fleeting instant, bound by the simple joy of sharing a burden.

But mostly, I will remember smiling through tears at the cancer survivors, who honked and stopped traffic as they shouted encouragement from their cars, or those, who stood on the side of the road to greet us, saying over and over again, “You’re almost there!” and “thank you.” And now that we made it past the finish line and patted ourselves on the back, what words can we use to explain what it meant. None will do, save the ones we learned along the way – “We’re almost there…and thank you.” The rest is posted here.

Some of our many supporters at our Wienie Roast and Bonfire Fundraiser

If someone asks for your help with their fundraising, show your support.

And if you are in Philadelphia this weekend, and you happen upon a sea of pink along the way, please honk or shout out a word of encouragement. It makes a difference. (Sisterly Savings posted the schedule here. )

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