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Summer – It’s Not Over Yet!

I know the calendar says September 21 is the last day of summer. But don’t you believe it! Here at the shore, we know different.

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Going, Going, Gone

Urban Dictionary defines nostalgia as “a longing for the good old days, whether or not they were very good.” But really, what could be better than walking my invisible dog along the Boards and strutting my stuff in satin shorts and a “Frankie Says” T-shirt?

What could match the slippery feeling of jellies (those pre-Croc rubber shoes) while dancing at the foot of the Himalayas (now called the Musik Express)? Continue reading

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A Stranger in the House

A peaceful Saturday morning gave way to afternoon storms…or at least that’s how it sounds. Boombaboomboom CLANG! It’s just past noon, and my son, Emmett, and two of his friends are upstairs playing his drums. Boombaboomboom CLANG!

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End of Summer Soup

The damp chill in the air for the past few days has me craving comfort food. The garden is mostly dormant, but still producing a few tasty treasures. Next year, I’ll do a better job with late-summer planting to extend … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Autumn

Ahhhhhhh! Here’s a side of the Jersey Shore lots of people never see. Tourist season is over and the beach here has gone to the dogs. From May to September, dogs are verboten on the beaches of North Wildwood. (We … Continue reading

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