Did you ever feel like someone’s watching you?

I took this picture from a lookout near the top of the Cape May Lighthouse today.The view out the window looked something like this, but from inside the tiny circle of sunlight took on a more sinister aura. I used Picassa photo editor to tint it red for extra creepiness. Continue reading

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Chubby Checker Slept Here

Wildwood celebrated its heyday this weekend with its Fabulous Fifties weekend. It’s a chance for old-timers to remember the days when Wildwood was a rock and roll hot spot, and big entertainers came here to sharpened their chops.

Today, we love to name drop. Continue reading

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Think Pink – For Breast Cancer Research

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure kicked off early this morning in Philadelphia. Over the next three days hundreds of participants will be walking 60 miles to raise money to fight breast cancer. I wish I was walking with them. As time goes by, I am struck by how many people who I know and love are affected by this disease.

Team "Walk Now, Wine Later" at 3-Day Camp 2007

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Wine Time

In life and in wine, timing is everything. And yesterday, the timing was just about as perfect as the weather. Continue reading

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Summer – It’s Not Over Yet!

I know the calendar says September 21 is the last day of summer. But don’t you believe it! Here at the shore, we know different.
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Going, Going, Gone

“I don’t like nostalgia unless it’s mine.” Lou Reed

The Wipe Out, the giant slide on the Boardwalk of my youth, is no more. Well, actually, it’s still there for now, but the plan is to tear the sucker down to make room for the new. Continue reading

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A Stranger in the House

A peaceful Saturday morning gave way to afternoon storms…or at least that’s how it sounds.

Boombaboomboom CLANG!
It’s just past noon, and my son, Emmett, and two of his friends are upstairs playing his drums. Boombaboomboom CLANG!

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End of Summer Soup

The damp chill in the air for the past few days has me craving comfort food. The garden is mostly dormant, but still producing a few tasty treasures. Next year, I’ll do a better job with late-summer planting to extend the harvest. But this year, we’ll have to make due.

I made homemade chicken potpie with a few of the remaining garden carrots. Another night, we had meatloaf with a green salad and a few straggler tomatoes off the vine. Tonight, we were going to have a roasted chicken, but the after school schedule got the best of me. It was time to improvise.

My solution: End of Summer Soup

A few garden treasures left - green beans and grape tomatoes

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Fasten your Seatbelt, S’il Vous Plaît

Three days of rain and two more in the forecast have us Jersey Shore residents running for cover.

Looks like it’s time to take an armchair dreamcation to a time and place far from here until the sun shines again. Continue reading

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Screaming through the Normal Cycle

The kids have gone to school. The husband has gone to work, and the dogs have commenced their mid-morning snooze.

So who is that screaming????????

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